Chat video no payments

But when it comes to Contus Fly’s built-in Web RTC, the cost to make calls over the internet is following to the number of users regardless of the minutes.It’s quite promising that video chatting apps are reshaping the way of real-time communication of Entertainment and Businesses.

Contus Fly offers to make video/audio calls to “N” number of users regardless of the cost/minute usage.And the IP address is acquired by the use of STUN server through the use of NAT (Network Address Translation) and also to provide a peer-to-peer connection.Hence the entire process to make a video chat app is explained here (Web RTC video voice chat application) in a detailed view.Contus Fly uses Web RTC API that allows audio and video communication to work into the web pages through direct peer-to-peer communication by removing the usage of installing Plugins or downloading of applications.Contus Fly uses three Web RTC APIs where audio/video call can be carried without any pay-per-usage terms.

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