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Some of the best features of Charlottesville are found in the European influences.

It’s like Thomas Jefferson, who loved Europe so much it showed in nearly everything he created, personally constructed the entire city.

The good thing about VA is that if you're outgoing, it'll be fairly easy to meet people. But if your priority is to get laid a lot and have many girlfriends, I would go somewhere else. I grew up in Southern VA, moved to DC for 10 years, then settled here.

It's a small enough town that you can become a regular very easily and therefore you'll get to know the bartender, the barista, the girl who's always at the coffeeshop that you like. The dating pool is shallow and you have to really be careful if things don't work out.

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The architecture alone is a reason to live in Charlottesville.

As you say, a lot of the people who move here are in steady relationships or just got married, which is why they moved here.

The largest pool of people your age who are single are either grad students, or just graduated and started working.

I'm in same boat as you (24-year-old straight male).

I've been here just over a year, and haven't put in a lot of time or effort into dating, but it hasn't been terribly difficult to meet people.

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