Carbon dating of the turin shroud

The mock crucifixions are the most reliable recreations yet of the death of Jesus, the researchers suggest in an online abstract of a paper to be presented next week at a forensic science conference in Baltimore, Maryland (abstract E73 on p. And they are the latest in a tit-for-tat series of tests, academic rebuttals, and furious arguments over the provenance—or lack thereof—of the centuries-old religious artifact.

But the researchers hope the experiment will “support the hypothesis of Shroud authenticity in some new and unexpected ways.” The research team from the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado in Colorado Springs would not comment on the crucifixion experiments before presenting them to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’s (AAFS’s) annual meeting on 21 February.

Then, the researchers applied the blood and “documented and analyzed” the “resulting flow patterns over the simulated, crucified subjects.” The study challenges a previous analysis of the way blood released during a crucifixion would have stained a wrapped body.

“The cross and suspension system were designed to accommodate various positional adjustments of the body as appropriate.” “Professional medical personnel were invited to not only contribute to the experimental protocol and analyses, but also to ensure the medical safety of the subjects,” the abstract states.

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In this new effort, the research team sued the University of Oxford, which had the data, for access—and won.

After studying the data for two years, the new research team announced that the study from 1988 was flawed because it did not involve study of the entire shroud—just some edge pieces.

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