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For longer-term follow-up studies, Ioannidis and Bindl reported a 10-year survival rate of 85% and Håff et al.

However, the higher survival rate of metal-ceramic FDPs should be noted and both dentists and patients must be aware of the risks of complications.

All complications noted in the charts were registered and compared to definitions for success and survival and statistical analysis was performed using the Kaplan-Meier method and a Cox regression model. In total, 32 FDPs in 31 patients experienced some type of complication (17.4% of FDPs, 20.5% of patients). Two (1.1%) FDPs or 0.6% of units showed adhesive veneer fractures.

Cohesive veneer fractures occurred in 10 (5.4%) FDPs (1.6% of units).

Zirconia restorations for dental replacements are made using CAD/CAM technology.

Production is based on scan data from a scanned abutment tooth or stone die which is processed with CAD software.

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