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Though her and Wade trade insults, she does appear to genuinly care for him, acting as kind of a mother figure to him and offering advice.She appears to be a former cocaine addict and it is implied that she started doing it again after Wade left her some before leaving to kill Ajax.I started watching The Blind King (aka Dark Silence) expecting a traditional haunted house/possessed child affair. In reality this Italian film is a lot stranger and darker than that - probably unclassifiable.Things start in a fairly standard manner with Craig (Aaron Stielstra) and his young daughter Jennifer (Eleonora Marianelli) moving into a new house.

However there are also references to Orpheus with clear allusions to the story of Eurydice. It has to be said that there's a lot of dialogue in this film, probably too much for most people.

After Vanessa was eventually kidnapped by Ajax, Wade, determined to rescue her, returned to Al's home and took all of the house's firearms, despite having to convince Al to hand over a pistol concealed in her sock.

With that, the mercenary left the house after telling Al that there was "a stash of cocaine next to the cure for blindness".

While at a laundromat one day, Al ran into Wade Wilson, who was in the middle of removing bloodstains from his clothes.

Eventually, Wade would move into Al's house while hunting down Ajax, the man responsible for disfiguring him.

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