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You know how funny girls are about that topic." "Yeah." Charlie agreed. He was working the cash register, but it was a slow day and he mostly stood at the counter staring out into the mall as his mind raced. " Theo appeared from organizing the magazine racks. A customer approached the counter and Charlie casually began adding up a stack of comics on the cash register. it's a long story." He took the customer's money, handed back the change, and put the comics into a bag. Hi Theo." Miley offered a little wave, wriggling her fingers. "Uh, hi Miley." He couldn't resist looking at Miley's naval, which was bared between a white buttoned top and tight black jeans. " Miley's lips curved into a warm smile, "I love you, Charlie White. "I was looking forward to doing it with you last night, before she called and dropped her bomb, so it's been almost two days! "If he does he's in for quite a show." "Give me a hand? "Everything will work out; don't rush into anything just yet." "I should talk to her." Brian considered. She left for home pretty upset, right after calling Miley." "I'd give her some time." Charlie advised. Maybe call her tomorrow." ===== The following day, Charlie was completely distracted while at work and unable to get Brian and Stacy's situation out of his mind. He goes to our old high school, he's a junior." "I remember, from yesterday. "I mean, I get it, we're still young and we don't know what we're going to do with our lives, but is there ever a perfect time? " "I can't help it Charlie." Miley pouted, "Just because Stacy is knocked up doesn't mean I'll suddenly take up abstinence." She shuddered at the thought. "I hope my boss doesn't have any hidden cameras back here." Licking a palm and center fingers, Miley swathed her hand between her legs to lubricate her entrance. Miley turned around to face the table, wriggling her bottom enticingly at Charlie. Charlie followed, lust in his eyes at the white cotton bikini panties Miley was wearing, unfastening his own jeans."It's going to be okay." Stacy let out a humorless laugh, "Yeah right. I'm nineteen, I live off my parents, and I'm pregnant." Miley didn't have an answer, biting her lower lip with concern as she placed a hand at Stacy's back. I had no idea you were even worried about being pregnant. " Stacy leaned to the side, letting Miley put an arm around her shoulders. " "It must have been after the party I had at my parents." Stacy answered. We've been careful ever since, but I'm sure we didn't use protection that night. "It's a pretty important question to answer." Charlie explained. She kept her torsal weight supported on the table, leaning upon it with planted palms. His arms were wrapped around her sides, one hand masturbating her while the other reached up her shirt to grope at Miley's bra-covered breasts.

Miley sat beside her best friend, trying to bring some comfort to Stacy. I was two weeks late and had a funny feeling, like I just knew, you know? He's a good guy; he wouldn't just abandon you and his child." Stacy sniffled, wiping her nose with a tissue. She would say the naughtiest things, or make the kinkiest suggestions, and sound as though she were talking about something as commonplace as the weather. Miley moaned as Charlie penetrated her deeply, pushing her feet apart to a wider stance which could better accommodate his girth. Oh god yes, oh Charlie, you fuck me so good." Had anyone walked into the back room it would be quite the sight that greeted them; both lovers had their pants at their ankles, and Charlie was thrusting into Miley's backside like a horny animal.====== Stacy stood as straight as she could, with her arms at her sides. "They're totally going to freak." She spun and flopped on the edge of her bed.A nervous lump formed in her throat, and as she spoke she was afraid no sound would come out. I'm pregnant." Only silence answered Stacy as she stared into the long mirror hanging on the back of her bedroom door. Clasping a pillow to her flat (for now) stomach, Stacy worried about the reaction from her parents, guessing at their displeasure."I can't wait to taste your cum." Miley whispered, reaching a hand to the back of Charlie's neck and encouraging him to suck on her earlobe. I'll just open wide so you can shoot your yummy seeds right into my mouth." "....fuck, Miley..." "Make me feel like a dirty whore, Charlie." Miley begged wantonly. I promise I'll swallow it all..." Charlie grew panicked, pulling out of Miley quickly. She spun, kneeling to the hard cement floor, her panties still stretched between her thighs."I'm going to suck it right out of your cock and swallow down every drop." Miley reached her other hand behind them and clasped Charlie's thrusting ass, "I want your cum inside me Charlie, I want to swallow down your essence and make your body a part of mine." Charlie's thrusts slowed, but became sharp and powerful. His penis slipped out from her dripping sex and bobbed in the air. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide, offering Charlie a perfect target.

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