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Attention leads to a richer, more rewarding and meaningful life.In An Audience of One, I said that “when you put a magnifying glass over a piece of paper in the hot sun it catches fire.It ’s impossible not to compare yourself to others when fan/follower counts rank you, your self-esteem is measured in likes and comments, and every aspect of your humanity is quantified with vanity metrics, resulting in a false sense of celebrity.A lack of presence combined with a constant comparison of our insides to other people’s outsides is a perfect cocktail for anxiety and depression.

And if your attention is always scattered the circumstances of your life will reflect that.Whenever we look at a photo on Instagram or read a status update, it’s something that’s already happened, thereby shifting our attention from the present to the past.The endless parade of accomplishments, accolades, and people who are doing something far more impressive than you are are central to nearly every source of distraction, making comparison inevitable.Since your attentional space is limited, the way you increase your attention span is by decreasing the competition for it.Our behavior is mostly a byproduct of our environment.

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