Band dating

Daniel Reifsnyder is a Nashville-based, Grammy-nominated songwriter, having started his musical journey at the age of three.

In addition to being an accomplished commercial actor, his voice can be heard on .

What happens if the other party in the argument is also in the band?

You're both walking into practice (or worse, a show) pissed off at each other and in terrible moods.

In general, dating between band members is like handling live dynamite – but there are exceptions.

You might come to band rehearsal in a bad mood, vent about it to your bandmates, and move on.

During 2015, the band played around thirty shows, mostly in support of other artists. who got the band in contact with Jonathan Rado, the producer of the album.

In September of that year, they joined Rado at his Los Angeles home studio to record.

Bands can be plenty of drama all on their own – from flaring egos, to musical differences, to boiling resentment.

Even if a band is mostly drama free, there are going to be issues from time to time.

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