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After interacting with tourists coming into Dakar for a long time, the culture and tradition of Dakar girls is a blending of Wolof culture, Islamic religion, and the western lifestyle.Dakar is very silent about their sexuality besides modeling and fashion show.However, they express their sexuality through suggestive moves and techniques, in the way they talk, walk, and dance.Wherever these girls are, they spend the day sharing seductive methods such as what to wear that will cause men to turn their heads towards them.

In an environment full of music, dancing, and drinking picks a girl to become limited to whom to pick from among a variety of girls competing for attention.

They are not only seductive but diminutively aggressive, and if you dare provoke, you may not be able to put out the ensuing romantic inferno.

Picking a girl in Dakar Senegal is not only a challenge but is also marred with a lot of confusion.

Any kind of dress code that does not draw attention and positive compliments from the boy child is quickly thrown in its proper place and another one taken.

This applies to makeups, body lotions, and hairstyles.

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