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Also the higher-octave planets — Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter — in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house show that the individual has had much soul experience in other lifetimes”. For that alone, this is worth the cover price, and there are lots and lots of those throughout the whole book. I came to amazon today looking for links to used copies of Hickey’s book and was delighted to find it in print.

I had been paging through this book at random the other day and it gave me a flash of inspiration.

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On the way home, you stop cleanly at a stop light, and a car whirls around the corner and T-bones your car. Remember I did explain how Pluto is the absolute epitome of pure drama, intensified beyond all absurdities.

However, at random throughout the section, a few sentences, “throw away dialog,” and offhand allusions are tossed into other topics to point you to bits of knowledge about how astrology works and what it’s actually for.

These bits are not taken up anywhere else in the book, not assembled, not set into a larger context, and not indexed.

Then I produced a 14 page essay which will probably be the October and November installments of my column.

So, the strength of this book lies in the context surrounding the facts, a context which assembles random bits of the universe in which you live into a pattern that makes sense.

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