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What happens after that--what you talk about, what you do, is, obviously, up to you and the woman. What I can tell you is that the women I have spoken with, and met up with, have been attractive, intelligent and perfectly reasonable, real life people.

She is easy and a nympho that runs through 3 guys a week. I made an account so I can snap a pic for my upcoming custody case.

In summary, I highly recommend the site, assuming you understand the purpose of the site. My max first date offer is in my profile at 0 which I do not negotiate. If they state they want to be spoiled, go to a fancy restaurant, have things bought for them STAY AWAY!

I got booted as an attractive women cuz they said they had multiple complaints about me not following through on dates. If the ' Beautiful ' member suggest higher I do not counter, I cancel my offer and move on. If They accept and chat for a while they are usually real' If their pics look like a studio they are probably fake. I have met & more with some very beautiful young women who are willing to have an arrangement. The site is owned by seeking arrangements and the customer service is run by the same company.

I do know that a site gets customers based on reputation. If I'm on there, then other normal girls are as well. Additionally, the large majority of conversations (that men pay for) simply say :how are you" or other generic replies and future emails are never opened, however you are still paying up to to open it.

If the reputation people put out is prostitutes, then it will attract prostitutes and people looking for prostitutes.... My guess is the website either uses artificial intelligence to have one or 2 conversations or employs women at a low wage to respond to one or 2 emails that the men pay for, and then tells you that you cannot get a refund since you had a conversation Been on the site for more than year more off than on. Two did not look like their profile pictures or ten years and twenty pounds later. Of course being in Las Vegas, a lot of working girls.

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