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Traditional healers and medicine men hold a special place in many African cultures.

People will opt to seek medicinal and divine intervention from them rather than from a clinic, dispensary, church, or hospital.

This ceremony is normally done to signify a boy becoming a mature adult.

Usually, the young boys will be circumcised with a knife without application of any anesthetic.

The Baganda form one of the largest ethnic communities in Uganda.

Unfortunately, this has contributed to the spread of HIV/AID, as well as the disregard for human rights.

Unlike the male procedure where it is the foreskin that is chopped off, FGM is a bit inhumane. Cases of girls bleeding to death or permanent damage have always been witnessed.

Meeting the expectations of your significant other may not always be easy.

They will target a specific tribe or a unique person.

For instance, in Tanzania, Albinos locally known as “zeruzeru” are captured and killed as a way of seeking material wealth.

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