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The well-known philanthropist’s public persona speaks fiercely and passionately about the issues she cares about and runs her non-profit organization with strong, steady leadership.Her private self, however, she keeps out of the limelight, revealing few details even to those she agrees to speak with.“You must join us for dinner this weekend,” she says.“You haven’t lived until you’ve tried my mother’s pastries.”Upon sitting down to speak with her in her well-appointed New York home, it becomes quickly apparent that there are two Samantha Parkingtons: The public one, and the private one.If you ever wondered what they’ve been up to since their retirement, though, good news! Created by Pleasant Rowland, Pleasant Company launched in 1986 with what would later become known as the American Girl Historical Collection.The three dolls initially on offer were Kirsten Larson, a plucky pioneer girl from 1854; Samantha Parkington, a well-to-do Edwardian orphan living with her grandmother in 1904; and Molly Mc Intire, a girl from 1944 whose father had gone off to fight in the Second World War.However, she refrains from donning both designer gear — “it would be hypocritical of me to wear outfits that cost more than what so many people make in a year” — and fast fashion — “I couldn’t bear to give money to one of the industries we’re trying so very hard to change.” In contrast with her opulent upbringing, she lives modestly, instead donating her time and considerable wealth to the causes she supports.

She believes, though, that the time may be right for a comeback. “Time to recharge, if you will.” She stresses, however, that Nellie has done a remarkable job with the organization in her absence.We chat over cups of chocolate — still a favorite treat of hers — watching her horses stampede their way around their paddock.Her beloved Penny, alas, departed many years ago; Patriot, however, remains (even if he is getting up there in years — “We are none of us getting younger,” Lissie remarks), as do the results of a few successful breeding attempts with one of Felicity’s neighbor’s beasts: A pair of siblings she named Stars and Stripes. Felicity, much to her mother’s chagrin, ended up taking over her father’s store.What would the former Edwards matriarch say of Sam’s path in life?“She might have been a little shocked at first,” Samantha chuckles, “but she would have come round to it in the end.

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