Adult singles dating midland south dakota

so im lookin for a friend and maybe even more if it comes to that. i'm really all about family what i mean by that is my famil is really importat to me. From what my friends tell me I'm a pretty fun loving girl.if i met a guy i don't want him to think he is second in my life. i really don't like to be around fake people(what i mean by that is people who lie and like to talk about others). I love my nights out with my friends, but would prefer nights at home with conversation and a little romance..that's just a dream, right?

I LOVE to have a good time whether its sittin around talkin, or at the bars. Im actually thinking of going into fashion, as of now I am currently undecided. So yea Im just im new in this town and i would like to get to know some people. I like going to the bar but you can't ever go just to have a good time with friends without someone hitting on you. I am a hopeless romantic who is in to tall sorts of things such as reading, walking, music, dancing, clubs, and spending time with friends and family. tall light brown hair shoulder lenght brown eyes.write me I am a single mother of one child,divorced, looking for friends to talk to. Im a very down to earth girl, I like to look good and dress well. I am a shy person and I don't enjoy talking myself up. I wear it curly most of the time but I can also wear it straight or with a soft curl as well. Eventually I would like to find someone to spend my life with.U am an outgoing person who loves to I am a master carpenter and sexy fun loving adventurous funny and attractive! I am 5'6", short brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. i am just relocating to the south dakota area again and dont know very many people. i love to try new things i'm up for a good time havin' fun.

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