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"Turning up at a stranger's doorstep on a whim, late at night, on the understanding that you're meeting to sleep together feels pretty surreal." He adds, "she still gets in touch every now and then for free legal advice!

" Craigslist also provided Toby with the opportunity to experiment.

He says, "I was fascinated that there were so many people looking for every kind of human connection you could possibly think of." He responded to ads in the Women Seeking Men section.

He says, "I loved that women were in control, choosing the type of guy they wanted, what they wanted him to do, and when they wanted him to do it.

I liked the power shift, and found it interesting that women could be confident enough in themselves to post ads for exactly what they wanted." In the six years Josh used the site, he met fewer than 10 women.

Like many men who used the personals, Josh believes that a lot of the ads supposedly posted by women were actually the work of bots, scammers, women soliciting sex for money, and — sometimes — men.

" Toby, a lawyer in his 30s, says he stumbled across Craigslist Personals in 2009.

"We were in the room my grandmother died in, so it felt almost spiritual." Neil, who's posted over 200 ads in Craigslist's Personals, is one of many who's gutted the section has now gone.

It was removed due to a US sex trafficking bill which holds websites more accountable for ads placed by users.

"I've met someone for lunch before, and we've just gone out and got a burger.

And there was a girl from Canada who had two tickets to see the comedian Dave Chapelle.

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