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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects people quite differently, and is ultimately a spectrum.

Moreover, how function is best maximized will be different from workplace to workplace and from position to position.

In this article, I will discuss a number of ideas for providing accommodations that relate to scheduling.

Not all bipolar people will need all of these accommodations; in fact, some bipolar workers may need no accommodations of this type at all.

This article provides a series of ideas to consider in accommodating individuals in individual positions.

One problem that a lot of full-time bipolar people face is that it is difficult to get therapeutic and psychiatric appointments outside of work hours.

For instance, if everyone on a team needs to give a presentation, but the order of the presentations isn’t especially important, then it may be possible to trade days with someone else on the team.

Schedules can also be made more flexible if we have the ability to work earlier or later or work from home.

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Adding travel time, this means that we can effectively miss a couple of hours per week of work.Because bipolar is effectively a periodic disability in most cases, there will be times when we can work at full effectiveness (and sometimes more-than-full effectiveness, thanks to hypomania) and there may be other times when our work will be impaired or it is impossible to work entirely.As a result, many bipolar employees work best when they have flexible work schedules.It is in many ways easiest when we work on projects that are done over a period of time.We can move the heaviest parts of the work to points in time when we are most effective and get the most done.

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