Accommodating guests

Guests may feel uncomfortable helping themselves in the kitchen. Freshen the room with flowers – This added touch may seem insignificant but it says “welcome to our home” in a big way.It means an extra measure of kindness and hospitality has been extended….who doesn’t love fresh flowers! Say “Welcome” with a few nice touches – A good book, small TV, clock radio, or box of tissues add some of the everyday comforts from home that are often overlooked.When we went for a tour around (in a buggy, booyah!) there were black swans floating serenely on the lake.Be sure the kids’ arrangements are complete…..prepare the space where the kids will stay and move their belongings out so your guests won’t have to watch them move. Prepare the room and remove clutter – Give the kid’s room a thorough cleaning….dust, vacuum, and wash linens.Remove books, papers, toys, and kidstuff off the dresser and nightstand.It was lovely there when we stayed before,” said MIL/Mumma Big. Mr Big’s mumma is a lovely woman and has good taste in these sorts of things, so I trusted her judgment.

A basket with a variety of travel size items is a delight to sift through….don’t forget to have plenty of toilet paper that is easy for guests to locate. Towels on hand – Set out guest towels when you make the bed and let your guests know where extras are stored.

When we got to the Crowne Plaza, I immediately told myself that (1) had been fulfilled.

It is a stunning hotel with absolutely HUGE grounds and a lake out the front.

There are also heaps of things to do at the hotel itself like taking a trip down to the spa, hanging out in the leisure room (Xbox, the Play Station, arcade games), playing on the various outdoors-y sports type equipment, playing giant chess and jenga (yes – you read that right) and swimming in their HUGE freaking pool.

They also assist in guest transport, wine tours, and drinks (you can request the bar to be open earlier for your guests – yes you can).

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