Accommodating diversity in aged care

Breakfast also has buffet style options for those who like a leisurely breakfast in their own time and snacks are provided on request. Continued With over a third of our Consumers from an Italian background we celebrate culture and embrace diversity.Life at an aged care facility is a transition and an opportunity to continue living and contributing, being valued and respected as an individual, regardless of age.Candidates with disability can make requests for modifications or adjustments.The requests may assist you in applying for positions or, if you are successful, in your position.

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With a third of our residents from an Italian background, we have focused on a European theme in the recent refurbishment of the upper level, creating a welcoming and warm ambience. Freshly brewed coffee and locally sourced produce from the markets are all priority for our chef to provide delicious and nutritionally balanced meals.

The meals are delicious, being nutritious and appetising of excellent variety.

It's a fluid concept, one that evolves alongside society and changing ideologies.

Lady of Grace Fraternity is an Italian, Catholic, charitable non profit registered organisation.

Lady of Grace Aged Care is extensively involved in the local community and promotes a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment. Continued Our boutique home overlooks five acres of natural parkland in Dural.

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