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Cornish played the role of Wally in Madonna‘s film W. She replaced Emily Blunt in the independent film The Girl. She starred alongside Woody Harrelson and Colin Farrell in Seven Psychopaths, released in 2012. She played Clara Murphy, the wife of protagonist Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman).Cornish has been rapping under the stage name Dusk since 2000.The surfer boy from Western Australia who shot to fame in The Patriot (2000) had just completed four new films - Lords of Dogtown, Casanova, The Brothers Grimm and Brokeback Mountain — and everyone wanted a slice of him.

It was April 2005 and Heath Ledger, then just 26, was just about the hottest thing on the planet and I had been asked to interview him for Vitals Man magazine in New York.

In contrast to party-going image, the young actor liked to paint and read poetry. Heath Ledger was no exception, but there was also something mysterious, untouchable about him.

He wrestled with the concept of fame — and the pressures of being a Hollywood celebrity.

His live-in girlfriend Michelle Williams, the American actor, was rumoured to be pregnant with their first child.

Prior to Williams, Ledger had dated some of the world's most desirable women, including supermodel Helena Christensen. To help create his character, Ledger was spending time with a real-life junkie in Sydney's red light district.

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