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Ladies: After your mid-40's, you will be fighting tooth and nail for the nine or ten remaining single men. The median age at first marriage for women is 26.5, while for men it's almost 29. New Orleans used to be a great place to find an unmarried girl in her twenties, but now they've all migrated north to Jackson, Mississippi.Way back in 2006, NYC had 200,000 more single women than single men. Every city with more single women in their twenties is in the South.In contrast, a new study done by geologists from MIT and Purdue University in 2011, mapped rock layers within the crust.They could find no evidence of a single thermal plume.Over time, the countless eruptions increase the height of the seamount until it breaks the ocean surface and becomes an island volcano.As the Pacific plate continues to move northward over time, the island is pushed away from the hotspot and a new island begins to form over the hotspot.

Men cursed, women swooned, and each and every unattached member of society packed up for the nearest City of Love. Well, a lie is pretty bad when Life and Love are on the line.Scientists have two theories about the formation of the Hawaiian Islands.Unlike most volcanoes, the Hawaiian chain sits squarely in the middle of the Pacific plate rather than on a tectonic boundary. Tuzo Wilson proposed the “hotspot theory” to explain this unusual placement.Instead, they found a “pancake shaped” layer of abnormally hot rock in the crust only about 403 miles beneath the surface, well above the mantle.Temperatures were 300 to 400 degrees C (572 to 752 F) hotter than expected at that depth.

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