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Here are some romantic long distance relationship messages and famous long distance love quotes that can help you to keep on defying the distance and stoke the flames of passion.

Long-distance relationships can be deal breakers for many couples, but there are many ways to keep the love alive. There is very little excuse not to do so since technology allows communication in real time between any two places in the world.

Once Virgos make up their minds that they're not getting what they're giving, they will promptly show you the door with little drama.

If they suspect they are in a one-sided relationship or friendship, you will get a one-way ticket out of their lives.

They are so obsessively neat and orderly that they literally can't function in any kind of chaos.

Needy friends and mates won't last long with a Virgo.

As soon as they feel smothered, they will surely withdraw.

But just try to have compassion for the fact that your Virgo has a little OCD, and it's unfortunately going to affect you.

Virgos care so much about other people and love to feel needed, but they often put everyone else's needs before themselves. They seldom do it for themselves, so they need others to do it for them.

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